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132 Business Talent


  • The unique visa which can make you directly to be the Australian permanent resident
  • No requirements for English language and academic record
  • This visa is in the priority group, so it doesn’t need long time to be processed.
  • All family members can get the same benefits from this visa, once the main applicant successfully applied the visa.
  • After you got the visa, you do not need to stay in Australia.


  • You must be less than 55 years of age, although a state or territory can waive this requirement if your proposed business will be of exceptional economic benefit to the relevant region.
  • To be invited to apply, a person must lodge an Expression of Interest, be nominated by a state or territory government.
  • Other requirements depend on whether you are interested in the Significant Business History stream or the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream.

Significant Business History stream:

  • net assets of at least AUD400 000 (in a qualifying business) in at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply
  • total assets of at least AUD1.5 million that can be legally transferred to Australia within two years of the visa being granted
  • a total annual turnover of at least AUD3 million (in one or more of your main businesses) in at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you are invited to apply
  • ownership of at least: 51 per cent of a business with turnover of less than AUD400 000 per annum, or 30 per cent of a business with turnover of more than AUD400 000 per annum, or 10 per cent of a publicly-listed company
  • an overall successful business career with no involvement in unacceptable business activities
  • a genuine desire to own and maintain a management role in a business in Australia.

Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream:

  • If you apply for the Venture Capital Entrepreneur stream, you must have obtained at least AUD1 million in funding from an Australian Venture capital firm for the start-up, product commercialization or business development relating to a promising high value business idea.

Applying this visa

  • You must lodge your application through SkillSelect. This can be done while you are in or outside Australia. You must pay the initial application charge of AUD5940 by credit card at that time.
  • You must provide documents that prove the claims you make in your application.
  • Send documents by registered post to the Australian Consulate General in Hong Kong. Send your documents immediately after you lodge your online application.
  • You and all members of your family unit must meet certain health requirements. The department will tell you when to arrange health examinations.
  • You may be asked to attend an interview, either face-to-face or by telephone, after lodging your application.
  • If you apply for a Business Talent visa while you are in Australia, you are likely to be given a Bridging visa that allows you to stay in the country lawfully while your application is processed.
  • Wait for a visa decision